Fabulous cocktails in NYC (for world tour surfing!)

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

All photos Vogue / Clint Spaulding

New York rooftops sizzle in the summertime, but especially when those rooftops host fabulous parties with famous people. On Friday evening, crazy-rich and v famous super Hollywood guy Harvey Weinstein and billionaire guy Dirk Ziff, who’s bankrolling the new ASP, hosted a little cocktail soiree for, uh, World Tour surfing (we’re as curious/confused as you are). Kelly Slater, who was there, is no stranger to celebs, having dated plenty and lived the life of one for like 23 years, but Steph Gilmore hanging out with devil-in-Prada Anna Wintour and Katie Holmes admiring Julian Wilson’s sparkling eyes across the crowd is certainly something.

Via Vogue.

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