Farewell, Rio!

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

If you thought the Billabong Pro, Rio was a hoot, y’should have seen the afterparty. “It was funny, y’know, I thought everyone was leaving Brazil early, so I was gonna get outta there,” says John Florence about the evening of finals day. “Then when I got down to the pool, Yadin (Nicol), Kerrzy (Josh), Occy and all those boys were down there having cold beers. They were like “Nope, you’re not leaving.” I was like, fuck… (laughs). So I changed my plans and we ended up having a really fun time. We went out to dinner at a Churrascaria with the sickest crew, maybe 20 of us. It was all the guys I said just before, plus the Hobgoods, Freddy P(atacchia), (Brett) Simpo, the Gudangs and more. We got all the tables in the restaurant and put them into a big U shape, so everyone was facing everyone. Then we went out to a bar, everyone was drinking, it was really fun. Such a great night.” See limited photographic evidence here. And more at LifeWithoutAndy.

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