FCS and Christenson Make Beautiful Twins

by Stab May 12, 2010 2 min read

A good set of fins is an investment.

Especially bespoke fins for your “alternate” (for lack of a better word) crafts. Think about it. Why would you ever need another set of twin fins, keels or a singley once you’ve shelled out for rudders designed by Chris Christenson in collaboration with FCS? That’s some serious fin know-how in the one think tank. See: the whistle-clean lines drawn by young Oscar Langburne for proof of the collab’s undeniable effectiveness.

Among making some of the most coveted twins, logs and guns in the game, can we also put Christenson down for the best shaper logo in surf?

It wasn’t long ago when you were limited in removable fins for anything other than a 6’1 18 1/2, 2 1/4. In times past, through pure disorganisation, your scribe dragged a beloved twinnie with glass ons around South America, stuffing it into the belly of buses and hoping for the best. Whilst, remarkably, there weren’t any issues. It was a giant, unwavering, pain in the arse. But those days are done. Now you can pop fins in and out of whatever you ride with ease, and tapping into the knowledge of master craftsmen like Chris Christenson – a man who learned his trade under Dick Brewer and Skip Frye, no less – has pushed the quality and design of removab\e fins sky high.

A fine little test pilot FCS have got in Ozzie Langburne.

The Christenson Twins borrow features from more traditional keel-style fins, only there tuned up to rip. Gone is the rhetoric that twin fins are summer grovellers (they actually work far better in clean faces than slop), so the onus is on more than simple going fast and skimming through flat spots. The fins have fuller tips and straighter trailing edges than keels, the result being that you can tear off the bottom and drive through turns without fear of slipping out – the scourge of the twin fin.

Christenson twins and log fin respectively.

The Christenson Keels are geared towards the wider-tailer, less sporty, traditional fish, and have more of an extended leading edge than the Twins, encouraging the rider to hold their edge for as long as possible in that classical twinnie vein. There’s also a moderate amount of curve in the trailing edge to aid you in whipping your stumpy fish around in the pocket, and they’re also slightly thicker set, so you can still ride them in powerful, down the line waves and go mach ten. For those who like to take things a little slower, the 7.5″ to 8.5″ Christenson fin is perfect for logs and mid-lengths, so all bases are covered. If you’ve currently got an order form in the stack of one of the many gifted handshapers currently operating, then we’d highly recommend getting them to embed some FCS plugs into the foam. You’ll thank us when the world opens up.

Dive in here to grab some FCS x Christenson rudders.

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