Felicity Palmateer Is Just The Distraction You Needed

by stab May 14, 2017 1 min read

From the looks of Felicity Palmateer’s Instagram, on any given day she can be found sliding her thruster through the tropics or in a bikini. Last November, however, she could be found making history as one of the first ladies to surf the WSL event at Jaws. And, in love and lust, nothing torments the male psyche more than a woman who’ll go over the ledge at 20-foot Pe’ahi and has the looks and confidence to bring the double taps on Instagram (fall into her’s here).


On the sands of White Beach, Broken Head and The Pass in Byron Bay, Billabong fitted Miss Palmateer in their new swim styles and enlisted high-demand photog, Jennifer Stenglein, to shoot over a few days. Jennifer’s work can be seen in Vogue, Playboy, Harpers Bazaar, Monster Children and she shot Mikey Wright for Stab‘s recent cover.


As you thumb through the collaborative work of the two Australian belles, we reiterate, this is the same girl who charged Jaws six months ago.  


For the full gallery head here


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