Felicity Palmateer’s All Nude Short “Skin Deep” To Premiere Next Week

by stab November 30, 2018 1 min read

Miss Palmateer is a professional surfer, a model, an artist, and last year, during the Big Wave stop at Jaws, sent herself over the ledge.

She’s a stunner with a whippy backhand and the guts to slide down waves most could only dream of approaching.

The Total Package, as they say, in an, albeit, intimidating way.

And as anyone who’s witnessed the bombshell’s attire at any number of high profile events, she’s also very comfortable in her bare skin.

Her new short, Skin Deep, shot in Fiji, Hawaii and Australia is an example of that. It’s a short film that will stir the status quo, and send internet warriors into a key tapping fury.

While surfers have grace ESPN’s Body Issue for years now—everyone from Kelly Slater, to Coco Ho, Courtney Conlogue and Laird Hamilton stripping down for their cameras—no one has delved as deep into surfing in the barest of form as Flick Palmateer has in this film.

Skin Deep according to Miss Palmateer is “an audio-visual performance art piece.”

From the looks of the 15-second trailer above, Skin Deep is bold. Beautiful. A statement.

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A lady of the elements.

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