Feral: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

by Michael Ciaramella December 10, 2020 2 min read

In the three years that I’ve done Best Wetsuits, Feral is the only brand that hasn’t changed their wetsuit design. Not a single stitch. 

And no, it’s not because they’re lazy, unoriginal, or lack necessary funding. It’s because their suits are incredible the way they are, and what’s the old saying about shit that ain’t broke?

Last year, in our search for the world’s best 3/2, Feral tied for the win alongside 7Till8 and Billabong. This time, they’re going for their first Best Wetsuits solo title. 

Is 2021 the year of Yamamoto neoprene? Watch here to find out (and read below for a full Feral breakdown).


Like wrapping yourself in cashmere, Yamomoto neoprene is what wet(suit) dreams are made of. Photo: Danica Taylor

Men’s Submission: Chest zip 4mm3 ($415)

Mikey says:Every year that I do this test, I look forward to wearing the Feral suit. And it never disappoints. The rubber is so slick, it feels like a constant — but not gratuitous — application of cocoa butter against your skin. This is a different kind of wetsuit experience. If you haven’t tried Yamamoto rubber before, I urge you to spend the extra hundred dollars at least once in your life. The only problem is you might become a neoprene snob and never go back. 

The better a suit feels, the harder you can rip. It’s science. Photo: Danica Taylor

Pro:They use the best rubber on the market.
Con: Slightly restrictive because the neoprene is so tightly woven.

Total:92 (Finalist — watch the entire test here to see if Feral wins!)

Whether you’re into chest zip or back zip, Feral does it, and they do it well. Photo: Danica Taylor

Women’s Submission: Backzip 4mm3 ($415) 

Cori says: What more can I say about this suit, other than that it is remarkably warm and extremelycomfortable. I typed ‘extremely’ in italics for effect; did it come across? I’ll say it again if not: Extremely. My fantasy nerd might be showing, but the Tolkien-conceived material ‘Mithril’ comes to mind when thinking of how best to describe the Feral Women’s 4/3 backzip, for its substantive construction but impossible lightness and silky hand-feel. Taking factors of both warmth and comfort into consideration, this is a truly superior wetsuit (and the price tag shows it). But considering its impeccable – not to mention, flattering – design and top-shelf materials used (Yamamoto for president), this an excellent investment that will serve you – or *hint* your girlfriend – for years to come.

Trimming in the finest of neoprene may come at a cost, but damn does it feel good. Photo: Danica Taylor

Pro:They’re setting the gold standard for female suits.
Con: It’s just a little stiff at first

Comfort: 45
Total: 90 (Finalist — watch the entire test here to see if Feral wins!)

Dawn patrol has a nice ring to it in a Feral wetty. Photo: Danica Taylor

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