Ferrari Boyz: Harry Bryant

by Photography October 31, 2017 1 min read

Welcome back to Ferrari Boyz, a semi-regular web series presented by Stab, in which we detail our favourite surfers’ cars. And no, this ain’t no Pimp My Ride deal: no body mods, hydraulics or “rolling on DUBS” here. It’s more wax on the seats, sand in the mats, boards in the back and bring a road soda. 

In this episode we take a look at Harry Bryant’s ride, and it’s got heated seats! The kid’s living in luxe, surrounded by tents, guitars and his red Colorado. Throw in a bowl cut, a few surfboards and a cellular device and you got everything a 19 year-old up and coming surfer could need. “I just got word that it can tow anything up to 3,000 tons,” he says. “…wait that doesn’t sound right.” Mr Bryant’s got pop and can lay down his rail (that will be apparent halfway through the clip) and a personality that shines through in youthful colour. Needless to say, we’re keen to see where his career leads. But right now, he’s living the way any 19 year-old kid should, and is grateful for the privilege. 

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