Ferrari Boyz: Mitch Crews

by Video October 31, 2017 1 min read

Ferrari Boyz is a semi-regular Stab web series, in which we detail some of our favourite surfers cars. Rules? There aren’t any. We once featured Creed McTaggart, who doesn’t even have a car. We’ve also rolled with Taj Burrow, and Jay Davies, among others. This isn’t about whips with iced-out rims, so much as it’s about surf cars that have wax stuffed in every nook and aren’t allergic to dust.

Today we ride with Mr Mitch Crews, who’s had his Ford Ranger since the start of the year (he’d decided not to buy a car but then came across an offer he couldn’t refuse). Crewsy is one of the most earnest, likeable surfers in the game, and as you’ll be reminded at the end of this short, certainly knows how to steer a thruster…

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