Fibreglass Meets The Glowing Sky With Cam Richards

by stab September 27, 2016 1 min read

Mr Richards, the same gent that had Jamie Foxx backing him in an internet war vs Dane Reynolds back in the 2013 Hurley Video trials has just released this new clip. He was also the star of Vissla’s Dream Steeple. You know the one where they made a church-like surf van, drove it across the west coast, then left it in the dust to fill the rest of the movie with higher calibre waves from places people coin as “world class”?

Here’s an eight-minute clip featuring Cam, put together by Layne Stratton. They’ve called it a “short film”, and we’ll allow it; it’s got a credits section, lifestyle, kneeboarding on a lake, two tracks and a whole lot of surfing. Pardon Me’s not just a one minute “short film” of strictly surf clips that seem to belittle the notion of the short genre and belong in the category of surf porn. Anyway, what lives above this text is liquid velvet; have a sip! 

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