Fiji Is For Rum Drinks And Multi-Person Tubes

by stab May 25, 2018 1 min read

If you hadn’t already noticed, internet Influencers have looked beyond Instagram and into the realms of Youtube vlogging in order to capture a global audience. One reason for this is that Youtube pays – albeit poorly – for video content that receives advertising, clicks, and engagement on their site. But unless you have millions upon millions of followers, Youtube is not gonna bring in enough money to sustain oneself, let alone cover trips to Fiji.

So through Instagram and Youtube, Influencers are essentially building a personal brand and following that, once robust enough, becomes attractive to companies who have something they want to sell. Depending on what good or service it is they’re trying to sell, the company will select Influencers whose followings match their target demo and pay those Influencers to pimp their product. 

Koa Rothman is currently up to 7k subs on Youtube, which after only five videos is quite a remarkable feat. Reading through the video comments it’s clear Koa’s appealing to both endemic and non-endemic audiences, which is really the trick if you want to make it big as a surf personality (see: JOB). Love ’em or hate ’em, it seems we’ll start to see more of these pro surfer vlogs popping up in the not so distant future.

Oh and if you missed part one of the Fiji trip, watch below:

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