Fijian Punts And Pits With Ian Crane!

by stab October 25, 2018 1 min read

San Clemente’s Ian Crane is widely considered one of the most underrated surfer’s in the world, especially by those who know him best. 

“He’s so gnarly,” says Griff Colapinto.

“He’s got that Andy rawness, with maybe some of Bobby on his backhand. He’s one of the best, for sure!” says Brother Andino. 

And so on…

We’ve been unabashed fans of Ian’s for ages; when we got a look at the air ramp in Waco, Ian was at the top of our list for the first launch.

And while he’s often one of the most under the radar cats south of Point Conception, he was a standout at Stab High amongst the world’s most colorful. 

All this to say, we were stoked to get the clip up top from Crane-O last night, from a recent Fiji mission with Jacob Vanderwork. 


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