Filipe, Barron, And Yadin Battle For The Heaviest Shorey Funnel

by stab May 09, 2019 1 min read

“I was literally on the beach 10 seconds ago, then I paddled out in eight seconds, and then two seconds later I was on that wave. Boom!”

That was Yadin Nicol after sliding through a cute turquoise funnel down in the deep Caribbean, where one of the world’s best shoreys resides. 

And isn’t there something inherently enticing about a wave that breaks close to shore, especially when it gargles and spits as 9/10 dentists recommend?

On their recent voyage to the tropics, Filipe Toledo, Barron Mamiya, and Yadin Nicol dueled for the deepest dry-sand tube, with Filipe taking the early lead, Barron making a strong push through the middle, and Yadin stumbling at the finish line. 


With his competitors resting on the shoreline, Yadin snuck back into the lineup and chipped-in to a gurgly mutant, pumping thrice before entering its bowels, disappearing behind the foam then emerging with the spit. 

“Wave of the trip!” said Mr. Toledo. “I give it a 9.93, only because he had the GoPro in his mouth.”

Is there any better way to spend a day on this planet?

Oh, and big ups to the Jack Ladder track that backs the second half. 

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