Filipe Toledo Flicks At Home Before Returning Home

by Film and April 28, 2017 1 min read

The 22-year old father and pride of Ubatuba (most humorously pronounced in a guttural voice), Filipe Toledo awaits his homecoming. The Brazilian flyboy won Rio in 2015, during his standout year on tour. He also topped the podium at Snapper, and Portugal but received a reputation and digital fire for not catching a single wave in his round five heat at Chopes v Italo Ferreira (who caught five with a total heat score of 15). Since then, Filipe’s been working to evade the assumption that he can only perform in small waves. His quarterfinal finish at big Main Break this year, and clips of him at well overhead Off the Wall, reveal a matured surfer, who relies on rail almost as much as his aerial antics.

This year, due to concerns, and safety issues regarding the previous location of the Oi Rio Pro, the WSL has moved the event to Saquarema. In 2015, many competitors reported falling ill due to water quality, Joel Parkinson said he’d never come back and last year Conner Coffin and Carissa Moore watched someone take a bullet in broad daylight near their hotel. Saquarema is a break which resembles the beachies of Filly’s relocated San Clemente home. While Filipe may have left Brazil, Brazilian fans never left him–and they’re still 

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