Filipe Toledo is gonna be a daddy

by stab April 18, 2016 1 min read

Filipe Toledo is gonna be a daddy! Using major announcement platform du jour, Instagram, the 21-year-old revealed (on his birthday) that he and his girl, Ananda Marçal, are expecting a baby. 

Despite your probable reaction that Filipe, one of Brazil’s two best young surfers (along with Gabriel Medina), has just closed the door on his youthful freedom, consider that he’s from a big, tight family, and those values are of the highest importance to him. And, he’s wealthy – probably in better financial state to have a child than most people who have kids are.

And. Filipe, with the distraction of chasing girls permanently removed from his realm? Doesn’t that spell trouble for his opponents…

Screen Shot 2016 04 18 at 11.28.06 am

Filipe’s gal, Ananda.

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