Filipe Toledo Is Suspended From Fiji After Attempting To “Storm The Judges’ Tower”

by stab May 16, 2017 2 min read

Filipe went right, but Kanoa, up first, went left. The two bumped rails, Filly kicked out after contact but the damage was done. An interference was called and Filipe exited in round three at his home event. He steamed.

Filipe then walked past the muffin platter and “stormed” the judges’ tower. Presumably, Richie Porta didn’t shudder. (It’s worth noting that he would’ve still lost the heat to Kanoa, 11.73 to 11.40, even if his second highest wave score didn’t get cut in half.) On account of this passion, the young Brazilian will be penalised from surfing the upcoming event in Fiji. Filly is sitting in the sixth spot at the moment. The missed opportunity will cripple his ranking. “I’m a passionate guy and surfing is my life,” he told the WSL in apology. “After getting an interference in the third round I was very upset,” he told the WSL in apology. “My actions after the heat were unacceptable. After cooling down, I realised that I was not myself. I’m very sorry for my behaviour. I want to apologise to the fans, my sponsors, the media and WSL. I take full responsibility for my actions and accept my suspension. I am disappointed to miss the next event, but looking forward to returning stronger for Jeffreys Bay. Good luck to everyone in Fiji and thank you all for the continued support.” 

“Unfortunately for Toledo, the penalties for that kind of violation are clear, and officials have little wiggle room. Toledo has been fined and suspended, and will not be allowed to compete in Fiji,” states the WSL article. “While both sides are obviously disappointed by this turn of events, the WSL is grateful that Toledo has offered his apologies to fans, sponsors and the WSL.”

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