Filipe Toledo Packs Twice The Tricks Into Half The Space

by stab November 18, 2016 1 min read

What did your last surf look like? A few cuts, a couple floaters, a bogged rail or two and a couple turns to be proud of. Well, here’s one session with Mr Filipe Toledo at Salt Creek, where he packs more manoeuvres into a 15-minute power session than Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies. You know that spot you used to see in the old …lost films? Below the Ritz Carlton that occupies the bluff, Creek can produce some fun waves. Not world class–you gotta head to Lowers for that, but the crowd can be on par with the cobblestone. And the car park above is filled with clean-cut surfers stripping off their business suits, exiting their Mercedes, Range Rovers and Audi’s, mixed in with midday pot smoke, beat down vans, hair and the eggy, yet affluent vibe of South Orange County. Gotta love the most confused, conservative and drop dead gorgeous coastal region of Southern California–actually give that accolade to Oceanside but subtract the beauty. Oh suburbia, we’re coming for you. 

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