Filipe Toledo pulls out of Bells and Margaret River

by stab March 17, 2016 2 min read

Dear Filipe Toledo is out for Bells and Margaret River due to a pulled groin. After a hard cutting display of rail work, and less aerials than we come to expect from the Brazilian, in the Semi’s vs Matty Wilko he landed strangely on an air reverse. He paddled back out and finished the heat, riding a few more waves in serious pain. By the time the buzzer rang, Filly was assisted up the beach looking distressed.

“I went for the air at the end of the wave,” Filipe told Strider after the heat. “When I was landing, the wave was coming backwards and I kind of tweaked my groin. My leg went up and sideways, I kept surfing after that, it was really painful. But now I’m good, I’m not happy with my result.”

After a visit with the doctors, Mr Toledo released a statement, “I am going to go home, do some physio and get ready for Rio.”

Throughout the Quik Pro, Filly looked unbeatable. He was the only competitor to put up a ten, and held the highest heat total of the event. He’s on the hunt for the title race this year, and the injury will jolt him into a lower seed. However he is coming off a good result at Snapper and with the underdogs on top after the Quiksilver Pro, it’s early and anyone’s game.

Sebastian Zietz, who was knocked out in round five by the dazzling Stu Kennedy, will rejoin the top 34 for Bells and Margaret River. Seabass was looking sharp at Snapper, displaying powerful grab-rail hacks and wealthy water displacement, it’s nice to see him remain on tour… for now.

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