Filipe Toledo’s First Session in Hawaii this Season

by stab December 02, 2016 1 min read

We really like this new series of Filipe:record every 60-minute session and show every flaw, every turn and tube. It’s this transparency that shows the remarkable surfing talent of this young dad. This is his first session at Off the Wall this past week. The power of the waves and the general energy of the North Shore can be very intimidating upon arrival. And, Filipe has been a punching bag when it comes to Hawaiian performance – we won’t bore you with it – but here he looks more-than-comfortable in his first session off the plane. And think: we save up all year for our annual surf trips somewhere tropical. Indo, Mex, maybe Tahiti. If we get two barrels like these, we’re on a high until the next year. Ol Fil grabs ’em in his first hour. 

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