Filipe Toledo Will Win Bells (Here’s Why)

by Stab April 12, 2022 1 min read

The Bells event got underway yesterday, and Filipe Toledo did not win his heat.

The way that CT events are structured, this second-place finish will have zero impact on Filipe’s ability to win the event. And as the title of this article implies, we genuinely think he’s gonna win (so much so that we bet big money on the inevitable outcome).

But we’re not the only ones who believe that Filly T will get his first dub of the year at Bells (or more likely Winki). Prior to the event’s start, we asked local surf lord and former trials winner, Harry Mann, who looked good to take out the event.

Based on conditions, Harry went with Filipe Toledo (+700) or Ethan Ewing (+1000) as his favorites and Kolohe Andino as his male darkhorse.

For the women, Harry chose Steph Gilmore (+400) and Lakey Peterson (+800) as his favorites, with local gal India Robinson as his darkhorse.

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