Filipe Toledo wins the Oi Rio Pro

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

(Photo WSL)

Filipe Toledo is the Oi Rio Pro champion! The Brazilian looked unstoppable from round one in Rio, and solidified his reputation as being unbeatable when it comes to aerial consistency. Within ten minutes of the final, Toledo had already clocked up a heat total of 18.53 (including a unanimous perfect 10) leaving fellow finalist Bede Durbidge scratching his head baffled. And then dropped a 9.87 for good measure in the final five minutes ending on a near perfect 19.87 total. With two wins under his belt already, we must now looks to the Pacific leg to see how how the 2015 Toledo story ends. One thing’s for cert: money couldn’t buy the confidence that Filipe Toledo’s carrying right now.

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