Filmlyfe: Aaron Lieber

by stab September 01, 2016 1 min read

filmlyfeWelcome to Filmlyfe. We’ve been dropping Photolyfe pieces for a stretch now and thought it was time to bring a little extra sizzle. We’re rolling with the same premise: Men of the lens answer questions for us with visuals instead of words. This time, however, it’s all motion.

Opening night at the Filmlyfe theatre hosts Mr Aaron Lieber. TransworldSURF, Laird rest its hard copy soul, was the first stop on the train we’ll call Mr Lieber’s career. Here’s a man of the future! Lieber’s first film, The Pursuit, was the first surf film to be released on Blu Ray! The two most notable things we’ll pluck from a glittering resume between The Pursuit and now are Nike’s all-gal flick, Leave A Message, in which Lieber played a strong auteur hand, and Zero To 100 – The Lakey Peterson Story, a self-explanatory title and production that was all Lieber. Unsurprisingly, his Filmlyfe pops with Red footage, considered angles and dynamism in every clip. Ain’t it just something?

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