Filmlyfe: Darcy Ward

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Filmlyfe_Scoth_Darcy_InsetWelcome back to Filmlyfe, a series of journeys in which we swirl through time and space, and bathe in the blissful technicolor aesthetics that only an auteur can sling. The premise we’re rolling with? Men of the lens answer questions with visuals instead of words. It’s all motion. It’s a view into their souls.

Darcy Ward swirls through the ether of Australia’s north coast and loves every moment. Darcy’s 19 (til December) and almost became a glazier. But, when his grandad passed away, he left Darcy all his old camera gear. He took the savings from a six month glazier apprenticeship and expanded his camera quiver to cover the more modern end of the spectrum (Canon 7D). He started as a photographer, but Noa Deane soon came knocking with the need to film clips for his Innersection. Darcy became hooked on the story telling potential that film offered. Then he linked up with Luke Hynd and became addicted to travelling and capturing moments, and all of a sudden it was a full time job…

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