Filmlyfe: Owen Milne

by stab March 08, 2016 1 min read

Welcome back to Filmlyfe, a series of journeys in which we swirl through time and space, and bathe in the blissful technicolor aesthetics that only an auteur can sling. The premise we’re rolling with? Men of the lens answer questions with visuals instead of words. It’s all motion. It’s a view into their souls.

Owen Milne first picked up a camera in the fifth grade. His cameras at that time weren’t the best, but it wasn’t long until the kid became a young man and in possession of a Canon 7D. The Central Coast of Australia was the perfect landscape to shape Owen’s vision, and Andrew Mooney has played a big role in his output. Now, he fills memory cards with all sorts of gold, some of which you’ll immensely enjoy above…

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