Finally, Some Air Wind! ft. Bajan Board Pilot Josh Burke

by stab December 09, 2019 2 min read

Josh Burke hails from Barbados, home of deep Caribbean accents, a constantly dank aroma, and the infamous Soup Bowl. 

You might remember this curling, concave reef from Taylor Steele’s Sipping Jetstreams, where Kelly Slater redefined modern tube-riding. Slater has said that Soup Bowl, on its day, might just be his favorite wave in the world.

However, a prevailing side-onshore win plagues the Bajan reef, meaning that Josh must occasionally seek quality surf outside his Caribbean isle. Between QS events, Josh recently visited the Margaret River region of Western Australia, where he teamed up with local lensman and slow-mo aficionado Tom Jennings. 

The best of their bounty were sent to California’s Hunter Martinez, who compiled the clips in a piece you’ll find above. Give it a watch, then catch up with Josh for a brief interview below. 

Stab: Was this your first time to WA? What was your impression of the place?

Josh Burke: First time to WA and definitely not my last. Was a last minute trip after a run of QS’s around Sydney with Josh Moniz. We didn’t score but had fun air sections the whole trip. I loved West Aus for how raw and country it is.

How was working with Jenno?

Jenno’s a legend! Easy to work with and full of humor. Also doesn’t mind swimming in a black fullsuit with sharks to film the boys. 

Is this the sharkiest place youve ever been/were you in a constant state of fear when surfing?

Nah I wasn’t studying it too much. Only scary times was when I was out the back alone or when the shark alarms would go off, but then I’d just paddle next to Jenno. Sharkiest place I’ve ever been is NSB Florida.

You finished this year ranked 144 on the QS. is that something you plan to keep chasing next year?

I got injured in April which put me out for 4 months, so just happy to be healthy now and hoping to do better on the QS next year. I would love to go on more surf trips and be included in better edits—just need the invites!

You’ve been all around the world to surf, but you also have an incredible wave in your own backyard. How does Soup Bowl rank against other waves you’ve surfed?

Soup Bowl is one of the best waves in the world. Also grateful that I get to surf it with very few guys out.  Unfortunately we do not have alot of filmers here nor industry. I have my Dad film me whenever we are not working. I normally edit all my own clips so very thankful for Hunter’s talent and the help he has provided.

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