Five Surfers Drown In The Netherlands

by stab May 13, 2020 2 min read

Our hearts are with the Netherlands. 

Yesterday, five surfers lost their lives in Scheveningen. If you’ve ever seen a surf photo or clip from the Netherlands, it’s likely from there. The water is brown, the weather is cold and the waves are short period and often quite sloppy — but against all odds, Scheveningen has spawned a strong community of passionate surfers. 


Unfortunately, that community is currently enduring a tragedy. 

There were 5 – 10 people in the water yesterday afternoon when a storm with severe winds rolled in. While bad weather was forecasted, nothing of this nature was thought to be in the cards. The storm created a bed of seafoam, which made rescue efforts more difficult and could have played a major role in the surfers drowning. 

The caption reads:

Dark are the times we’re living in. I feel like this picture that we took a few days ago represents my feelings quite well at the moment: static, moody and most of all I feel drained (of color), dark and grey has my mind been the last 16 hours.

I am and always will be the guy looking for something good and positive in every situation. I try my best to make live all fun and games. But right now I want to share the feeling I maybe haven’t shared enough of in my life.

It’s been overwhelming how sadness and helpless I’ve felt during the shocking situation that’s been reality the last 16 hours. A group of fit and experienced surfers went out on a stormy day in Scheveningen and some never came back. My local break where I’ve surfed countless times. Where my friends and fellow surfers have been taken by the sea as if it was nothing. If I would have trusted anyone to be fine in these conditions it would be this knowledgeable group of people. You’ll be missed by many and never forgotten.

Some reports say the five surfers who died were bodysurfing at the time the storm rolled in. By all accounts, they were experienced surfers and watermen ranging in age from 22-38. Two of them were said to be surf school instructors. 

It’s hard to comprehend something like this. It’s also hard to avoid cliches in reacting to it. 

Hug your loved ones. Appreciate your time. And never stop respecting the ocean.

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