Five Surfers Drown in The Netherlands

Scheveningen is a modern and vibrant seaside resort town in The Hague district of the Netherlands, open to a narrow swell window via the North Sea, it has, against all odds, also spawned a passionate and vibrant community of local surfers.

That community is now in mourning after a tragic incident saw the lives of five surfers lost after a freak storm rolled into the area. It is being reported that the storm caused a strong wind change, and along with that wind change came metres of thick seafoam, which blanketed the surface of the water and the surfers.

Those lost are thought to be experienced in the ocean, among them were surf school instructors and lifeguards. The line of thinking at this stage is that it wasn’t the storm swell which claimed their lives, but the foam itself, which possibly suffocated the surfers before they were able to make their way out of it.

Whatever the case, it is a tragic loss of life for the community and our hearts go out to all those affected.


Dark are the times we're living in. I feel like this picture that we took a few days ago represents my feelings quite well at the moment: static, moody and most of all I feel drained (of color), dark and grey has my mind been the last 16 hours. • I am and always will be the guy looking for something good and positive in every situation. I try my best to make live all fun and games. But right now I want to share the feeling I maybe haven't shared enough of in my life. • It's been overwhelming how sadness and helpless I've felt during the shocking situation that's been reality the last 16 hours. A group of fit and experienced surfers went out on a stormy day in Scheveningen and some never came back. My local break where I've surfed countless times. Where my friends and fellow surfers have been taken by the sea as if it was nothing. If I would have trusted anyone to be fine in these conditions it would be this knowledgeable group of people. You'll be missed by many and never forgotten. • Tell your loved ones you love them and give them a big hug. You'll be thankful later. ♥️ • :

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