French Professional Surfer Nearly Loses Fingers In Hydrofoil Propellor Incident

by stab December 28, 2019 2 min read

Yo Will Aliotti, you ok dude?

In a recent Instagram post, the Caribbean-born, French-based professional revealed a mitt so mangled that it arrested our scroll and incited slight nausea (you can see the gruesome injury below, but don’t say you haven’t been warned). 

Luckily for Will, doctors were able to locate and reattach his missing digit, while also rectifying the other twisted stalk. Aliotti is expected to keep his fingers, but we are unsure of what their future functionality will be. 

Will’s caption reads [sic]: 

Good news !! I got to keep my fingers … it’s going to take a fews weeks to hill.. the surgery went pretty well as you can see . This is pretty much a recap of what happened during this last 3 days and how I did it … thank you for all the message, friends from Saint Martin and my queen @sdefrutos and mum to be there for me anytime


Screen Shot 2019 12 27 at 9.12.42 AM



Screen Shot 2019 12 27 at 8.55.36 AM


We asked Will what, exactly, caused his morbid disfingering. 

“Yes, well it’s pretty easy,” Will responded. “I wanted to try this propellor foil board because it looked pretty fun. Then I fell, and the blade has no cage, so it chopped up my fingers.”

Screen Shot 2019 12 27 at 9.05.00 AM

“The brand is called Takuma, Will continued. “I wanna show that this is fucking dangerous and that anyone could get really hurt. As you can see, there is no cage to protect you from those carbon blades! Anything can enter. I got super lucky to keep all my fingers—they were almost gone, but the surgery went pretty well. I have now a few months to scar and get out the metal, then I’ll be back in the water.”

foil electrique e takuma blue 600x600

Anyone who’s ridden a standard hydrofoil would be quick recognize their inherent danger, both to the rider and anyone in her path. Strapping an unguarded propellor to this already-lethal pillar is a recipe for dismemberment.

In fact, mangled fingers are about the best outcome one could hope for when dancing atop its spinning blades. The theoretical alternatives are much, much worse. 

Like, for instance, people knowing you rode a propellor hydrofoil. 

Heal up quick, Will. And keep your hands out of the kooky jar!

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