Guess What John Florence Found In Palmyra…

by stab April 23, 2020 1 min read

Deep in the heart of the Pacific lies a small, mostly uninhabited archipelago called the Line Islands, one of which is a nature conservancy by the name of Palmyra Atoll. 

Palmyra is Ground Zero for the testing of various conservancy methods, which, once proven effective in this micro-environment, are brought around the world and applied on a larger scale. 

This past fall, John Florence sailed to Palmyra with a few friends and his brother Nate, in an effort to learn more about the Line Island research and see how it can be applied on an individual level. 

The videos above (part 3) and below (part 4) show the latter half of John’s exploration, which includes his visit to the Palmyra atoll and its neighboring islands, along with a few cheeky surf sessions. 

It is surprisingly therapeutic.

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