How Russian Scientists Are Helping Griffin Colapinto Surf

by stab March 19, 2020 2 min read

So picture this, a couple of Russian scientists are kicking around in their lab, trying to invent some sweet new anabolic steroids that’ll enable their Olympic athletes to illegally nab some more gold (or whatever Russian Scientists do), when they stumble on this freakish new material called Graphene. 

They instantly started shitting their lab coasts in disbelief (or whatever Russian scientists do) because this material is so incredibly versatile that it almost shouldn’t be possible in the natural world. They went on to win a Noble Prize for their discovery in 2010 and by the sounds of it they should have because get this, Graphene is: 
– the world’s thinnest material 
– the world’s strongest material (harder than a diamond and 200 times stronger than steel) 
– the world’s most heat conductive material
– plus! It stretches and bends 

This ain’t just sci-fi mumbo jumbo talk either, it’s expected to change our world in countless ways in the future. Televisions you can fold up and put in your pocket anyone? (more here if you’re interested). But, since the future barely exists at the moment, what you really wanna know is how it can affect your world right now. 

Billabong has the answer with their new wetsuit range. Moving forward all Billabong suits will have Graphene infused into their yarn and the team at The Bong are pretty excited with the results. They’ve thrown all kinds of scientific testing at the range and have the results to back up their new tech. To learn more and check out the range here.

comp left

Shaun Manners fully covered twice. Image: Billabong.

We have a couple of suits in the Stab office and while the water’s a little warm at the moment, stay tuned for some rigorous scientific testing shortly. 

Are you wondering if those crazy Russian science bastards ever imagined they’d be altering the lives of surfers everywhere back in 2004 when they first invented Graphene? Well don’t, because of course they didn’t, they were too busy building a karate force field for their President that would give him the ability to take down Olympic quailty athletes with ease (or whatever Russian scientists do). 

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