Imogen Caldwell Is Morgan Maassen’s Most Recent Muse

by stab April 04, 2020 1 min read

About a week ago, we published an homage to Imogen Caldwell and her radically desolate homeland.

That clip was filmed, directed, and edited by none other than Morgan Maassen, who at the ripe age of 29 is one of the most profitable button-pushers in all of surfing, having spent years working with the likes of Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and most famously Stephanie Gilmore.  

As fabulous as those subjects are, a filmer/photographer can only grow so much working within a confined space. So Morgan recently opened his portfolio to new, exotic muses, which is where Western Australia’s red-desert queen Imogen Caldwell comes into play.

The above is a director’s cut of the previously-posted O’Neill film, but it includes several additional trips taken by Morgan and Imgoen. While some of the clips will look familiar, it’s all the moments in between that make this piece shimmer like distant air over a hot asphalt road.

‘Imogen’ also got a Vimeo Staff Pick, so you know it’s pretty tight. 

You can learn more about Morgan here in our Stab MIC podcast. 

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