‘Inside This Soft World’: Featuring David Rastovich

David Rastovich and filmer, Nathan Oldfield have been collaborating for years now. There is a synergy between the two which allows them to produce edits with a somewhat magical quality. The camera always celebrates both Rasta’s limber-limbed surfing mastery and the natural world around him. Notably, the music perfectly complements this idyll of surfer and nature in perfect symbiosis.  Of course one can’t forget the other key factor in the equation. Beneath Rasta’s feet is a fine-tuned Gary McNeill twin fin. All these elements come together for ‘Inside This Soft World’ to produce a clip, which takes you away from the everyday and makes you fall in love with surfing all over again. 

Rasta calling on perfect timing and astute wave interpretation to produce a sublime moment. Photo: Oldfield



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