Is There A Better Team In Surf Than Billabong Womens?

by Stab December 06, 2019 2 min read

We love that the latest dreamy cinematic offering from Billabong Women’s starts with two gormless men clumsily burning each other on a one footer.

Just about sums it up really, doesn’t it. Whilst a (relatively) surfless trip to the Ments for the testosterone-fuelled usually means hassling the shit out of each other for scraps or attempting to turn their blood to Bintang, the Billabong women dealt with the lack of meaningful surf in the usual, elegant fashion, smiles beaming throughout. 

stab mag stab billabong know the feeling 3

The lovely Jaleesa Vincent, taking refuge in a darling Indonesian tube.

The Billabong Women’s freesurf team is as diverse as any, and sliding along the tepid Mentawai walls was the world’s most beautiful lady logger Josie Prendergast, artist and Jaws survivor Flick Palmateer, former tour competitor turned big wave slab hunter Laura Enever, style queen and prolific arts tinkerer Jaleesa Vincent, and Alessa Quizon, another former tour surfer who’s just as at home on three fins as she is on one, two or four.

stab mag stab billabong know the feeling 10

Few humans look more elegant standing on a surfboard than Josie Prendergast.

Know the Feeling is the latest series from Bong’s female arm, and it’s been a welcome change in direction. It’s not easy to highlight product and convey a message simultaneously, but in our humble (but learned) opinions, they’ve done a pretty damn good job. The brief with the Ments edition was clearly centred around fun, and hey, if that didn’t make you want to can work for the rest of the year, pack the boardbag and head somewhere tropical then nothing will.  

stab mag stab billabong know the feeling 12

Longtime Stab fav Loz Enever, raking off the bottom.

Anything that furthers the inclusiveness of surfing is a good thing in our books, especially if it leads to more women in surf. It’s amazing how an able female surfer (or a novice, for that matter) can instantly transform the atmosphere of a lineup. Frowns subside, waves suddenly seem like less of a commodity and the macho jockeying suddenly becomes, trivial. “Females are a force, fierce, and strong,” says Alessa Quizon as an epitaph for the trip, and hey, that’s as true a statement as you’ll hear today.

stab mag stab billabong know the feeling 4

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