Italo’s Message To The World Tour

by stab May 11, 2020 1 min read

Forget the psycho spinner at the start.

Forget the other psycho tricks littered throughout, forget the new hairdo and also forget the copyright infringement of Grinspoon’s 1996 song ‘Champion’. What about the arms crossed floater at 1:41! 

That’s a ‘never been done’ people. And what does it mean exactly? What does this bold body lingo signify? What is Italo trying to tell us with this bold gesture? According to the first thing that came up with a quick search, folding your arms could mean any of these: 

The Self Hug
Plausible. I desperately want to hug Italo so it only makes sense that he feels the same way about himself. 

Stress Relief
Also plausible. Defending World Titles is stressful at the best of times but even more so when entire tour schedule is in limbo due to someone going down on a bat. 

Masking Insecurity
No chance. No one that can blast it through the lip with such pazazz should ever experience an iota of self-doubt. 

Also no chance. This move is a ‘never been done’, he ain’t copying nobody. 

The Power Pose
Likely. He’s a young World Champ that listens to forgotten alt-metal from the 90s with great new hairdos while surfing great and that’s gotsta feel pretty powerful. 

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