Julian Wilson And 24 Hours At Jeffreys Bay

by stab March 29, 2020 1 min read

Have you finished Netflix? Chafed your dominant hand through self pleasure? Or even become so distraught you’ve started reading a paper book? Well, fear no more.

As the world slowly comes to terms with what the next six months might look like, we’re realising that our usual entertainment channels will dry up quite quickly. With surfing now banned (or frowned upon) in many countries, those with a penchant for wave riding are quickly turning to web edits. Unfortunately, there is only so many times you can deep dive on the marine layer vimeo page. 

While there mightn’t be much in the way of surf competitions or live insta updates, there will likely be a bunch of well-polished clips dropping on the web as filmers, surfers, and editors alike find the time to sit down and compile their best waves to an accompanying song.

The above clip is a prime example. It’s Julian Wilson at Jeffreys Bay filmed over 24 hours (well, that’s what the title suggests) some time last year. It is filmed by Jimmy Lees, cut to track from Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, and is well worthy of your next three of so minutes. Honestly, you may as well re-watch it, you probably don’t have much else to do. 

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