Last Call: Sunny Garcia Tees

by Stab June 16, 2020 2 min read

In any sport, there are figures who are held a notch above the rest; who enjoy a permanent status of prominence, regardless of momentary performance and cultural relevance—what’s colloquially referred to as ‘legend status’.

Sunny Garcia embodies Hawaiian surfing in a wholly unique way—one that is never to be replicated. Back in December, we launched our Sunny Tee, with 100% of proceeds being directed towards Sunny’s Go Fund Me Page. The timing was fitting, given that it was the Triple Crown (a trophy Sunny has hoisted no less than 6 times) and at the time we were running a weekly segment called ‘Kittens and Lions’ based on Sunny’s now infamous quote:

“You can be the best surfer anywhere else in the world but it’s only in Hawaii you’ll see if they are a great surfer. A great surfer will look comfortable, even though he probably isn’t. The best will draw out lines and demand respect on a wave. You can either look like a lion or you can look like a kitten. Most look like kittens.” 

As expected, the surfing community rallied around the Hawaiian icon, leading to us to selling out of Larges and X-Larges off the bat.

Recently, we checked in on the Go Fund Me and realized that they have raised $141,331 of their $150,000 goal.

With the family being just 9k shy of their target, we figured we’d offer a very, very limited restock of sizes on the Sunny Tee in an effort to help the Garcias over the line. 

Get your Sunny Tee here OR Donate directly to Sunny’s Go Fund Me

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