Listen: Your New Favorite Surf Podcast Just Made Its Official Debut

by stab December 07, 2019 2 min read

Just what the world needs, another damn surf podcast!

While relatively late to the game, we hope that Stab’s new audio production will fill a gap in the market and maybe even your hearts. At the very least, we hope it informs and entertains.

Here’s the gist. 

The show’s called CUSP, short for Currently Untitled Surf Podcast, and it’s hosted by Stab’s own Michael Ciaramella and Championship Tour coach/noted “numbers guy” Stace Galbraith. Together, these two borderline-spectrum minds will dissect the minutiae of competitive surfing in an occasionally combative fashion. 


Screen Shot 2019 12 06 at 5.57.35 PM

State can also walk the walk. Photo: McFarlane

The first episode, while rife with rookie podcasting errors, is prolific due to current surfing circumstances. 

In a wildly meandering route, this 1.5-hour show covers the three final and most impactful events of the season: the recently finished lululemon Maui Pro, the contentious Vans World Cup at Sunset, and the coming Pipeline Masters. For a more detailed breakdown of the topics discussed and when/where to find them, see below. 

Otherwise, enjoy the show and let us know your thoughts.

Would you listen to Mike and Stace before/after each major comp, or should they crawl in a hole and never man the mic again?

0:33 podcast and host introduction 

2:50 Honolua bay intro

3:48 Mike’s conspiracy theory part 1 (Lakey)

8:19 Stace’s rebuttal 

9:25 Mike’s re-rebuttal 

11:25 Mike’s conspiracy theory part 2 (Caroline)

13:17 Stace confirms that match-fixing happens within WSL events

15:06 Jack Freestone burns Heitor Alves on purpose

17:32 Stace talks Hawaii

18:51 Carissa wins Honolua, Stace offers insights from the ground 

20:43 Lakey’s missed wave… again

24:53 Tyler Wright’s triumphant return

29:25 the Tyler wildcard snafu

33:30 Sunset beach intro

34:46 Zeke Lau’s Sunset requirement 

36:28 the Zeke x Jack collision 

42:01 Ethan Ewing’s Hawaii performance

43:34 Matthew McGillivray qualification

44:18 Morgan Cibilic: where did he come from and what has he done in Hawaii?

50:39 Stu Kennedy: ignorance is not (always) bliss. 

51:22 How Stace’s numerical mind helped Jack Freestone get on Tour

53:17 Stuart Kennedy pt 2. 

54:46 2019 QS qualifiers 

57:01 Is the QS a true test of who should be on the CT?

58:50 Pipeline intro

59;26 Pipe predictions

101:55 Do Jordy and Filipe have a chance?

104:56 What about Kolohe?

106:05 CT requalification situation 

1:08:36 Observations from the Pipe lineup 

1:10:04 Willian’s declaration of fear

1:12:11 Will fallen CT surfers revert to the QS?

1:14:20 The Olympics: what’s its value to surfing?

1:18:41 Kelly & John

1:24:21 2020 CT wildcard options (Mikey Wright, Leo Fioravanti, ADS)

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