Mason Ho And Fam Swarm Perfect V-Land, Wrangle Every Last Tube!

by stab December 14, 2019 1 min read

Mason Ho was sad that he didn’t get into any Triple Crown events this year. 

In fact, 2019 marked the first time in the history of the Triple Crown that Ho was invited to a single contest. “Such a bummer stat,” Mase recounted, on the latest episode of The Pick-Up.

On the morning of the Pipe trials, Mason was the first alternate. He showed up with an unwaxed …Lost Rocket Redux, because he figured that if he showed up with all his gear, the surf gods would punish his expectance and not grant him a spot in the event. 

Board voodoo aside, Mason did not get in. So he took his Rocket Redux, called up Coco, Sheldon, and Pops, and paddled out at his favorite childhood spot, which also happens to be his backyard. 

“It was the best V-Land I surfed in forever,” Mason told us. “I remember these days when I was a kid, and it would just be tubing every wave. Like wham, wham, wham. But then I got older and I didn’t really see those days anymore, so I thought that maybe I remembered it bigger and better than it really was. But then today, it was just like the kid days.”

In this nine-minute clip, Mason demonstrates the abundance of avenues through which one can enter a tube. Coco, Mike, and Sheldon play back-up dancers in what legitimately looks like the most fun session ever. 

Not a bad consolation prize for missing the Pipe Masters. 

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