Mason Ho Just Found His Own Private Rocky Point

by stab March 11, 2020 1 min read

“There’s something magical about the guy; he oozes charisma and he’s very personable,” that’s how Kimo McVay, who ran Duke Kahanamoku’s Waikiki night club described musician Don Ho.

Sound familiar?

Don Ho was the second cousin of Michael Ho, father of Mason Ho. And there’s something magical about him too.

While Don was known for his hit song “Tiny Bubble,” his young relative is known for his affinity for pulling into tiny bubbles.

Dropping a new edit from pristine Polynesian waters, Mase and sideman Sheldon Paishon just scored a wave that looks a lot like Rocky Point…but better. Crystal clear water, nipple-high running barrels, no weird rocks on the inside, of course Mase broke out his prized Fireball Fish and made sweet, sweet music.

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