Nic Von Rupp Dons The Orange Tunic Once More

by stab June 17, 2020 1 min read

So, looks like we’re not going anywhere this summer. Or this winter. Or the summer after that, or…

Ok, sorry. Not gonna get all end-of-days on you. But the realities of a pandemicized world have been embraced, and they are primarily boring.

The chances of you or a loved one dying from covid are exceptionally low. The chances of you being able to pursue life’s greatest pleasures despite covid are equally low. Especially if you’re a traveling surfer. 

For the average punter who gets his one or two surf trips a year, stay-at-home measures are no big deal. But when you’ve become accustomed (let alone contractually-obligated) to chase swells around the globe, the new normal hits hard.

Enter Nic Von Rupp.

In this episode of Von Froth, Nic revisits a 2017 trip to Indo in which he wore a neon-orange T-shirt for three days of pumping Kandui. Nic calls it “the the most barreled T-shirt in the history of mankind.”

What says you?


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