Now is the Best Time to Support Your Local Surf Shop

by Tracks March 25, 2020 2 min read

Businesses around the globe are closing their doors amidst the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. In Australia, pubs and clubs have been shut down and thousands of Australians are out of work. Around the globe, millions are in lockdown with only essential businesses like grocery stores, petrol stations and pharmacies operating.

If the trends are accurate (as they have been so far), Australia is on track to go into lockdown in the coming weeks to try and flatten the curve and to ensure our medical services are not overwhelmed.

What has this got to do with surfing?

Well, your local surf shop is not immune to these turbulent times we find ourselves in.

As we continue to take advice to limit our social interactions and non-essential activity spare a thought for your local surf shop. These brick and mortar stores have provided us with hours of joy and are at times a place of sanctuary. Whether you’ve pawed the rack looking for the perfect board, hashed out a custom with the local shapers they stock or big names in the industry, grabbed wax or just hung out shooting the shit on where has had the best banks. We have all spent hours shuffling up and down the showroom floor.

They are essential to our culture and we would hate for them to go away.

Already we’ve seen some throw their arms open and try to adapt to the current climate. North Coast's very own Vouch Surf is currently offering free freight to all *Australian customers which is unheard of. Onboard Store in Byron Bay & Mona Vale will even deliver your board to your door if you’re self-isolating. The same goes with iconic surf shop Aloha Manly Style in Sydney. While north of the border Surfboard Empire is offering two for one deals (at time of print) with social distancing measures in effect. 

Back in Byron, McTavish may have closed their doors in response to the current health crisis but are still open by appointment only and have an online store. The same goes for Bondi’s Sunburnt Mess which The Ed is a frequent visitor and highly recommends. All are in this together and are constantly adapting to the changing terrain and are going to need your help to keep them afloat.

If you have money stashed away from an Indo trip that is now canned why not invest in a new board? It will not only bring you some joy during these uncertain times but may also contribute to maintaining the fabric of one of surf culture’s most long-standing institutions. But it doesn’t have to cost money to help. Pick up the phone and check-in with how they’re doing and remember to support them through the lean times.

*With the exception of WA & Tasmania at the time of publication. 

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