Podcast: What Is The WSL’s Core Identity, And Do They Care About Public Scrutiny?

by stab May 06, 2020 2 min read

In this episode of the Stab CUSP, Stace and Mike meet with the WSL’s newly minted Chief Brand Officer, Dave Prodan, to discuss the Tours’ proposed changes, the public’s overwhelmingly negative response to those changes, and exactly what is the WSL’s core belief system (as we can’t seem to put our finger on it).

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We drop them when we drop them. 

Here’s an episode breakdown, for the impatient types:

1:00 How the WSL is structured as a business
4:30 Does the WSL represent “surfing” as a whole?
7:30 what does Dave’s job entail?
8:30 what is the WSL’s core identity?
10:40 is the WSL a profitable business?
12:20 will the WSL cut down the number of surfers on the CT?
14:15 7-day event windows?
14:30 how will the WSL continue to elevate female surfing? 
16:30 what’s the plan with the QS? 
23:00 how does the WSL feel about the negative public response toward their new plans?
28:00 what will the new tour calendar look like?
30:40 would Kelly Slater have more or less titles today if the WSL’s proposed changes had been in place since Slater started on tour? 
33:40 will JJF suffer most from these proposed changes?
36:20 as the WSL’s Brand Manager, what are some brands that Dave is inspired by?
39:50 Dane Reynolds’ definition of a kook
42:20 is The Ultimate Surfer a legitimate property?
47:40 let’s talk about the wavepool
52:10 what’s been your favorite era of pro surfing?
57:50 how long will New event windows be?
58:30 are 2019’s QS qualifiers screwed? 
1:06:10 lightning round

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