Review of the Nanopresso by Wacaco

by Geniya April 27, 2020 2 min read

Highly recommended

Surfers around the world – from Biarritz to Bondi – wake up early to score a few waves as the sun is rising. It’s often the best time of day, with light winds and clean waves. Surfers love coffee. Laird Hamilton, one of surfing’s icons – whether you like him or not – even sells his own brand of turmeric-infused coffee powder.

Now if you enjoy a cup of coffee while driving to the beach, or just after arriving then you may be interested in the Nanopresso by Wacaco. It’s a simple device that produces barista-quality coffee on the go. They’ve wrapped a lot of science into a tiny device and the resulting hand-pumped espresso is nothing short of magic.

I’m not a big espresso drinker, preferring to mix in some type of creamer to soften the blow of black coffee. Butter, cream and coconut milk are my mixers of choice. So I was reticent about the ability of a palm-sized capsule to deliver a reasonable brew. Plus it seemed a bit fiddly, carrying grinds and hot water and all of the accompanying gadgetry.

Couldn’t you just take a flask of home-brewed coffee? What about seeking out a cafe that opens early and just buying a coffee at the beach? Both are options but the Nanopresso fills a spot you may not have considered. You leave home with hot water in the relevant compartment and some coffee powder pressed inside. Upon arrival, you screw off the cup and then pump the appropriate lever until your brew trickles out.

With a delicious crema, milk is not required. Simply sip, check the surf and paddle out.

Review of the Nanopresso by Wacaco
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