Seven Days After A Hawaii Swell, Northern Peru Does This

by stab January 19, 2020 1 min read

At Stab, we don’t consider ourselves the “Bible of the sport” nor its lead forecaster. However, we do have a knack for recognizing patterns and sharing them for the good of all. 

For instance, have you ever considered what happens to a large North-Pac swell once it’s crossed North America’s southern boundary? Contrary to popular belief, much of Central and even some of South America thrives with north-borne energy in the water, including the country of Peru, which you can see in most of its glory above. 

Looking at a map, the northernmost (coastal) tip of Peru faces northwest, making it a magnet for swells that originate above the equator. So, seven days after a large swell hits Hawaii, Peru might look like it does above. No promises.

Now, the question is where to go. Cabo Blanco is the obvious (but obviously crowded) option. If you’re looking for something a little bit off the Surfline Premium Member pass, local boy Jonny Gubbins seems to have things fairly sorted. Hit him with a DM (sorry Jonathan)!

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