Stab Recommends: Five Things You’ll Actually Be Able To Use In The Next Six Months

by Stab March 26, 2020 2 min read

Has anyone else realised quite how potent an antidepressant surfing is recently?

Uncertain times have had us retreating to the one thing guaranteed to ward off the mind fog, albeit temporarily: our beloved surf. Thankfully the mess we’re in has coincided with a favourable run of swell (if you’re on the east coast of Oz, at least) and the one thing that’s become quite clear is the right equipment has the ability to take something “fun” and make it, well, orgasmic. Here’s the gear that’s been getting us up and off. 

Ventura’s Latest Fly Boy x STAB

Enough kick to stop you Mick Fanning-yourself, and soft, adhesive deck to keep your hoof planted. Eithan Oz sure can fly, now you can too (ability pending).

Learn to fly above the noise.

Manera Suit

Clean aesthetic, the makings of a stellar team (Dion and Beej Gibbons the first additions), quality rubber and a French outlook, what’s not to like?

So fresh, so clean.

One Set of Rubber Daps to Rule Them All

The rubber boot that changed the way we look at aquatic footwear, and with good reason: fifty years of Vans skate tech crammed into a surf boot, and the stripe, swoon the stripe.

Let’s be honest, you know you want a pair.

Like Wearing Nothing At All (Minus The Front Crawl)

Feel leash-less, without the tedious swimming. The Superlite’s billed as the comfiest cord in the biz with good reason: sleek exterior, soft inner, and we haven’t snapped one yet.

Cast your tired leash aside and step into the future.

Land Might Be Monotonous, Brine Need Not

It’s the decade of shake-ups, so why not try something new and cut through the chaos at mach ten on with a set of chic quads beneath the back foot. 

What Quad Stigma?

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