Stab Recommends: Our Staff’s Quarantine Essentials

by Stab April 11, 2020 2 min read

Welcome to Stab Recommends.

This week’s edition features the wares of some of the Stab staff’s favourite independent brands, the theme: making quarantine that little bit more bearable.


Slowtide Turkish Towel and Beach blanket

Whether you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean and still enjoy a daily dip, or just like rugging up post shower, life’s too short to use gross towels. With hugging off the agenda for the foreseeable, Slowtide towels and blankets are the next best thing.

Wrap yourself in something soft.


Old Pal towel, hat, lighter, wax (weed)

Whilst in Australia we’re facing lockdown with minimal bush weed supplies thanks to the fires and only shitty basement hydro to replace it, in the States not only can you order high quality weed on the internet, but you can grab tasteful apparel while you’re at it. God bless America, sure got that right.  

Enter the brave new world.


Cory Wilson Corkcicle Canteen 

If you haven’t got a reusable water bottle by no then you’re almost certainly a terrible person, but we’re not here to cast judgement. If you’ve recently misplaced your trusty water-carrier, then we suggest you go Corkcicle, the Corey Wilson collab, if we’re being exact.

Grab yourself a chic water carrier.


Kelsen Shampoo Body Wash, Conditioner and Pomade collection bundle

Getting complimented on your scent is one of life’s unappreciated pleasures. Whilst you’re unlikely to get complimented by anyone outside your immediate circle any time soon we suggest switching to Mikey Feb and Jack Free’s new venture, Kelsen. 

Mmm, fresh.


Just Water – Organic Tangerine 

The trick to not turning into a hopeless pisswreck thoughtful isolation is to always have something cold in the fridge other than beer. Plain water’s not going to cut it, but a tinge of tangerine hits the spot, even if it’s only prolonging the inevitable.

Cold, tasty, not beer.

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