Stab Recommends: The “I Feel Sexy In This T-Shirt Edition”

by Stab May 21, 2020 3 min read

There is much to be said about a favorite T-Shirt. 

Aside from perhaps a pair of good American or Japanese selvedge denim, or a pair of Birdwells, there’s nowhere else in your wardrobe you get us much bang for your insubstantial bucks than investing in a sure-thing new favorite tee. 

Here’s a smattering of our favorite 100% cotton offerings, all pulled from our favorite industry friends on the fringe. 


10520294 M VBK

Leave it to surfing’s kings of reappropriated cultural capital—pretty much the best BF rip tee we’ve ever seen.



Bury Us In This …Lost x Black Flag Tee 

If you grew up a surfer in the ’90s, there’s a good chance that, as part of your subcultural education, the soundtracks to …Lost’s prolific regular video output served as a crash course in the very best of ’80s punk rock.

Surfing’s masters of subcultural re-appropriation, this …Lost / Black Flag-rip featuring a collage of their classic video covers inside their iconic four bars. 



Screen Shot 2020 05 14 at 4.02.56 PM

Former x Craig Anderson’s Adorable Double-Flying Birds

If there were ever a graphic tee featuring a picture of a man surfing that we would absolutely wear, it’s the Nonsense tee Former just dropped in celebration of Craig Anderson and Benny Howard’s recent cinematic dual. 

You’ll have to wait for a restock on Man Sizes, though we bet your girlfriend will look damned good in the smalls they have left. While you’re in the shop, we’re unabashedly ordering this pre-teen Dane tee. 


RT633 GRY 002 1024x1024

Pack light, trip longer.



Vacation Is A State Of Mind

While we love Roark’s entire brand being built on building goods which the raw spirit of adventure our pursuits require, they’re also damned reliable for some color and graphic brilliance. 

Under the current restrictions on most all of our movements internationally, the more adventurous psychonauts amongst us have surely been taking this time of isolation as a truly magnificent moment to drop out, turn on, and tune in. In fact, we’d consider the Heroes Journey as American as apple pie.  

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 2.35.21 PM

Brain Dead Psychadelic ‘Syd’ Tee

Brain Dead has slowly cemented itself as a brand that consistently puts out unique, draw-dropping graphics littered with intricate wordplay. Whether it be the front or the back, their shirts are bound to turn heads (and sell out, for that matter). The ‘Syd’ Tee features a “hierarchical” human structure on a brick background ascending out of the classic Brain Dead logo into a lush green field surrounded by blue skies. Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow. 

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 3.10.54 PM

General Admission ‘Truth Society’ Tee

A Stab office favorite, our friends at General Admission always come with the heat. Their ‘Truth Society’ tee features two nude worshipers pointed toward a spaceship mid-abduction is merely the second best thing about it. The vintage, garment-dyed wash and made-in-LA feel make GA tees one of those things that just gets better with age. 

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 3.22.15 PM

Hockey ‘Piss’ Tee

Fucking Awesome’s founders Jason Dill and Anthony Van Angelen tongue in cheek ‘Piss Tee’ is as authentic as it gets. Founding their second brand ‘Hockey’ off the success of Fucking Awesome, the poignant metaphor of pissing on the source of your former success while simultaneously manifesting your present success is reason enough to buy this tee. The epic graphic merely sweetens the pot.

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 3.17.04 PM

General Admission Hula Short Sleeve

Inspired by the first Aloha Shirts, you won’t find a more fitting summer button-up than this General Admission’s Hula Short Sleeve. The red palm tree logo is so subtle it’s a stretch to even call it a logo, the cream color goes with anything and will keep you cool in the summer, and the two-headed topless hula dancer embroidery is timelessly cool. 

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