Stab Recommends: The Sexy Stoner Edition

by Stab April 21, 2020 4 min read

If there is an industry that’s thriving here in California—in spite of, and probably as a direct effect of, the Covid-19 pandemic—it’s the cannabis industry. 

The mythology around weed’s paranoia-inducing effects is well documented, as is the research behind cannabis’ positive effects w/r/t anxiety, hard drug addiction, etc.

Regardless of your politics around the subject, we live in a glorious time for those who enjoy and find relief in cannabis, and no one knows that better than the pot loving libertines currently holed up in our Los Angeles office. 

In preparation for 4/20, or what weed enthusiasts refer to as Amateur Hour, here are some of Stab‘s favorite stoner-friendly wares. Enjoy. 

Summerland Ceramics’ simple, tastefully nonexploitative recipe for success: wellness, sex, and marijuana.

Summerland Ceramics

Califorina-based ceramic paraphernalia pushers Summerland Ceramics make some of the most beautiful smoking pieces on the planet, backed by some of the most tastefully nonexploitative, sex-positive branding we’ve encountered. (Sex and weed, man.) 

Summerland’s products are “made of earth, by hand, in California.” 

The only way to find Summerland is to let yourself drift away into the soft haze produced by our collection of ceramic stonerware. Here you’ll find the waves are always tasty, the sun forever melts on the horizon and the nipple is eternally, irrevocably freed. Sink back into your hammock and breathe deep, friend.”

Those with a clean at-home interior aesthetic, but who fly the pot flag proudly, will find their bongs to be the most divinely inviting centerpieces.


A most ravishing stoney conversation starter: The Summerland Ceramics Land Lacht Bong

The American Spirit Of Rolling Cannabis: Old Pal

Organically sophisticated branding, intelligent graphic design and packaging, wildly convenient product—Old Pal are fuckin’ geniuses. 

The cannabis and lifestyle brand is partially owned by prolific Austin design firm Land, who have put their aesthetic fingertips on countless brands like Fender, Poler, Stumptown, Slow & Low, and have their own fingers in the cookie jar of brands like Old Pal and Madre Mezcal. 

They do organic flower, oil cartridges, a range of sustainable and thoroughly handsome apparel and accessories under the Old Pal Provisions label, but our LA staff never leave the office without a pack of their preground ready-to-roll flower, basically to weed what the American Spirit rollie pack is to tobacco. 

Weed Like Dad Smoked! 

The intensity of a lot of premiere strains of California weed is, well, intense. For the casual “user” most of today’s weed is just way too fucking strong, and that’s why so many people claim to have had such negative experiences—it’s like building a tolerance to booze by drinking real absinthe. 

Look at the rise in THC levels since the ’70s. 

Dad Grass. They do CBD, “low dose, full toke” joints that won’t put you on your ass. Hemp joints delivered to your door, anywhere in the US, legally. 

Complete the California Trifecta: Apple, In-N-Out, Med Men (Not Necessarily In That Order)

These days when friends visit from out of state or internationally, it’s a roll of the dice as to the first place they want to be taken here in LA: The Apple Store, In-N-Out, or Med Men. It’s become sort of the visitor’s California Trifecta. 

While we’re still just as likely to call up our guy for an ounce before spending top dollar at a heavily taxed dispensary, a visit to Med Men is worth the cost of admission just for the experience. Civilized, almost comically knowledgable staff and white glove customer service.

For our part, we find it much more entertaining to visit Med Men before the Apple store, but much more delicious before In-N-Out. 

Dosist’s Incredibly Low Profile Sneaky Stoner Oil Pens

Dosist make single-use vape cartridges in a range of… vibes? Arouse, Bliss, Sleep, Relief, etc. 

They’re genius. They look like 80s ballpoint pens, they never get a second glance going through airport security and we can absolutely guarantee you they will improve your quality of life traveling. 

So What If It Won’t Get You Stoned, We’re Here For The Barry McGee Branding And CBD’s Thoroughly Up For Debate Health Benefits

Mary Joe is a CBD brand started by a couple of really fucking good dudes in Costa Mesa, both surfers with an artistic kink. Their CBD cold brew is ridiculously delicious, and while it might not get you stoned, you’ll be psyched to see the only Barry McGee bottle you’ll ever be able to afford. 

Kiva Confectioners Edibles

By now, most everyone has figured out the delicate line between eating the right amount and way too much when it comes to edibles.

Kiva does a range of candies, gummies, etc. in really small doses, but their selection of chocolates is what we find ourselves most often breaking up and mixing in with trail mix for long flights and international trips. 

Monday is 4/20, but let’s be honest, it starts today. Go find a babe, pack a bowl or roll a spliff, and enjoy a mental holiday from six feet away. Photo courtesy Summerland Ceramics




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