Surfing’s Two Biggest Stars Have Recently Changed Their Relationship Statuses

by stab April 28, 2020 2 min read

It’s easy to forget that, like us, the world’s greatest surfers spend the vast majority of their lives on dry land. 

That leaves plenty of time for banal human tasks, like brushing their teeth, taking out the trash (ok, probs not), and forming deep, meaningful relationships with family, friends, and dare we say more intimate partners. 

This includes John Florence and Gabriel Medina, respectively the best and second-best surfers in the world today.

As it turns out, each of these 2x World Champions has recently changed their romantic relationship status, and we thought it prudent to share the juicy, or perhaps benign, details with our readers. 

First, John. 


In November, John Florence sat down withStaband let us in on his impromptu engagement to longtime girlfriend, Australian Lauren Cribb. 

After popping the question with an heirloom ring that John’s mother, Alexandra, found on the beach at Pipeline sometime ago, there was much speculation as to the timing of their wedding, with John’s return to competition in 2020 imminent and John’s international, mainstream debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games quickly approaching. 

After chatting with John on our latest Unplugged installment, Stab can report that recently the young lovers made their union official, with a discreet and uber-private ceremony attended by only family and very, very close friends. The couple took care of the necessary paperwork at Honolulu City Hall, and held a quiet, beautiful little ceremony on private land above their home on the North Shore. 

According to close friends of the family, after making it official John and Lauren headed over to Turtle Bay for the most humble of celebratory evenings: hanging with John’s Rat Pack posse at Eli Olson’s new film premiere for “Dream Run.” 

Stabwishes the newlyweds the very best.

Now, the slightly more intricate tale of Gabs Medina. 

Just today, Gabby posted a photo of himself draped over a young-ish blonde woman in a quintessentially couple-ish pose; the caption reads (after a pitiful translation): “Your way, your smile, your look, your heart, our conversations, your hug … ahhh this ‘HUG’.”

Clicking the ‘tag’ button reveals the woman’s identity as @yasminbrunet1, aka Yasmin Botelho Fernandez, whose Wikipedia page reads: 

Yasmin Botelho Fernandez (born June 6, 1988), best known as Yasmin Brunet, is a Brazilian model and actress who appeared in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

In July 2012, after about 7 years of dating, she married Brazilian model Evandro Soldati.[5] They divorced in early 2020.

…Did you catch that last part?

Divorced in early 2020…

Well, Medina appears to have made swift moves in the off-season, taking the 31-year-old—who is coming out of a 15-year relationship—under his wing tattoo and not letting go. 

Despite Medina sharing his affection for Ms. Brunet with his 8.9 Million followers, Yasmin has yet to reciprocate the action toward her 2.1M. However, their affair was publically leaked back in March by Brazil’s TV Fama

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