Ten Courageous Gals Storm Waimea, Err… Pinballs!

by stab January 27, 2020 1 min read

Paddling out anywhere in the world with more than one companion will often earn you a sideways glance. 

Paddling out in Hawaii in a group of 10 or more or is grounds for total surf ostracization, or worse. 

This is an issue that the Rip Curl women’s team has had to ovrecome during their recent Hawaiian tenure. With a dozen talented surfers in tow, it’s more or less brand suicide to paddle out at the local hotspots. So with a bit of swell in the water and a hot tip from Mason Ho, the RC gals rolled up to one of the North Shore’s least-surfed waves, Pinballs, on what looked to be a highly enjoyable day. 

A victimless insta-crowd!


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