The 10 Best Rides From Stab In The Dark

by stab January 07, 2020 1 min read

In 2016 the first Stab In The Dark came to fruition.At Margaret River with Julian Wilson and 12 blank boards in tow, we set out to find the world’s best performance surfboard. A futile experiment considering surfing’s inexorable and uncontrolled variables, but one which made for fine viewing nonetheless. 

Since that inaugural year we’ve sent Dane Reynolds to South Africa, Jordy Smith to the Mentawais, and had Mick Fanning chasing typhoon swells (on epoxys) in Japan. 

Altogether these four films have accrued days worth of surfing, countless hours of footage, and over two hours in films. While many of us have ample time to blow over this holiday period and could likely rewatch every film, we thought we’d compile a list of the 10 best waves from the first four* films for our own and your viewing pleasure.

The above clip is a three-minute snack pack brimming with the best waves from our expeditions into surfboard testing. And if you’re interested in statistics, there’s a tally of each shaper’s waves at the end.

Watch above, then watch all films in full, if you please, below.

*Stab In The Dark All Stars is excluded, we wouldn’t want to spoil Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith at J-Bay would we?

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